East Texas Athletic Trainers Association

Welcome to the East Texas Athletic Trainers Association (ETATA) website.  ETATA is an association comprised of professional athletic trainers from around the East Texas area.  It was created to promote the profession, educate the students, enhance learning and provide scholarship opportunities.


To create a professional community that educates, promotes, and advances the core values of athletic training throughout East Texas.

The Core Values of the East Texas Athletic Trainers Association are:

    • Through a regional organization, support TSATA, SWATA and NATA policies, guidelines, goals, objectives, and ideas.
    • Through a regional organization, provide low cost, high quality continuing educational units for the professional athletic trainer.
    • Through a regional organization, promote the profession of the (certified and licensed) athletic trainer.
  • Through a regional organization, enhance the student-trainer education and opportunities

Annual Symposium

We have had much discussion over the last months and it was not an easy decision but sadly we announce today that we will not hold our annual ETATA student workshop in January.  We feel that with all that is going on,  as a medical professional group it would not be wise to try and hold a conference with 150-200 people in a confined space. We hope that all this resolves and next year we can return to normal.

The link is currently active for our Virtual Meeting is now active.  Be sure to click on the 2021 Symposium link and get your 3 free Category A CEUS.

I will be sending out invoices for membership dues as we would still like to  give out scholarships at the end of the year. Without last years golf tournament and this workshop there is a lack of funds coming in. We will monitor the situation for this years golf tournament and make a decision at a later date.
Thanks for all that you do and have a safe and injury free second semester.

SCHOLARSHIPS ARE POSTED ONLINE!  Don’t forget to get your students to complete these and get them turned in to Jason Dodd!  Information is located on the golf page of our website!

Annual Sponsors: