Officers & Chairs


“Sam” McMullen Hamilton, LAT (President)

Head Athletic Trainer: Troup ISD


    • Leader of the Organization
    • To serve as an official spokesperson for the association.
    • Liaison between organizations, health care providers, other professional groups, and communities to enhance the Mission and Core Values of the Association.
    • Works along side of other officers to provide opportunities of growth, education, and support of the members, student-trainers, school districts, colleges, universities and health care facilities we serve as an Association.
    • Must be on signature card for ETATA account.
    • Conducts business meetings, voting, and special meetings.
  • Appoints Committee Chairs/Directors.

 Jeff Shrode, LAT (Treasurer)

Head Athletic Trainer: Bullard ISD


    • To serve as an official spokesperson for the association concerning business matters.
    • To serve as custodian of all financial records, books, and papers belonging to the association.
    • Maintain a current and accurate membership list.
    • Prepare and maintain financial records for the association and present a report of these records at the association’s business meetings.
    • Organize a Fiscal Budget to be approved by the membership at the Mid Summer Business meeting.
  • Must be on signature card for ETATA account.

 Abby Bradford, ATC, LAT (Secretary)

HOSA Instructor: Jacksonville ISD


    • To serve as an official spokesman for the association.
    • To serve as custodian of all records, books, and papers regarding Meeting Minutes.
    • To assist with the arrangements for publications and distribution of all official publications.
    • Conduct the official association correspondence, including such things as membership, committee memberships, and maintain a current roster of all officers and committee members.
    • Coordinate and keep a complete record of all meeting, proceedings of correspondence, and publications of the association.
    • Distribute Minutes to members as approved by the President.
    • Assist in the notification to membership of all open meetings.
    • Coordinate with committee chairs to assist with the distribution of information and materials regarding the association.
  • Must be on signature card for ETATA account.

Chair Holders:

Public Relations Director:  

Tiffany Emerson (

  • Communicator of Association
  • Responsible for ETATA Newsletter, Press Releases, Announcements, and Social Event.
  • Coordinates with Media for coverage at ETATA special events.

Fundraising Chair:

Jeff Shrode, LAT (

    • Seek venues in which to generate funds for the association.
    • Be the tournament director or appoint a tournament director for the ETATA Golf Tournament.
  • Communicate with the treasurer about funds generated by fundraising.

Scholarship Committee Chair:

Jason Dodd, ME.D, ATC, LAT (

    • This committee receives all applications for ETATA student scholarships.
    • The committee reviews all applications and presents recommendations to the ETATA Officers for scholarship recipient approval.
    • The committee is also responsible for developing and yearly updating/critiquing the scholarship application and evaluation process for candidates.  
    • The committee will provide and distribute the updated scholarship applications to the current ETATA members.
    • The committee is responsible for the evaluation process for the selection of the scholarship recipients.
    • The committee is to obtain verification from each scholarship recipient’s collegiate institution, thereby providing proof of enrollment in classes and intent of pursing Athletic Training as a career.  The funds of the scholarship should not be provided until this is established by the scholarship recipient.
    • A committee member that has supervised a candidate at any level would be required to remove themselves from evaluating the known applicant.
  • Committee members are appointed by the scholarship committee chairman.

Student Workshop Director:

Michael Rich (

    • To organize and assist the host of the event.
    • This shall include setting the agenda, organizing guest speakers, and setting up teaching labs in coordination with event host.
  • Will also assist in organizing sponsorships, vendors, colleges and universities, and donation of door prizes with respective committee chairs.

Web Master Director:

Vanessa M. Dockter, ME.d, ATC, LAT (

    • Coordinates and gathers information to submit to Web Page.
  • Ensures that Web Page

Corporate Sponsor Chair:

Jeff Shrode, LAT (

    • To solicit corporate or individual sponsorships for ETATA.
    • Coordinate and collaborate with respective chairs or directors for soliciting funds for activities and events.
  • To maintain documentation with the treasurer pertaining to funds generated through corporate sponsorship.

Continuing Education Chair:

Kip Picarella (

    • Maintain ETATA as an approved provider with the BOC.  Includes the renewal application and payment of fees as well as complying with all other BOC requirements for approved providers.
    • Maintain records of continuing education documents according to BOC guidelines (program, evaluation and attendance records)
    • Provide documentation to the membership and event attendees of CEU hours earned.
    • Coordinate CEU events for members and non-members

Hall of Honor Chair:

Andrew Cage, M.Ed, LAT, ATC, CES, PES,CCT (

    • Coordinating the nomination and voting procedures for Hall of Honor Inductees.