ETATA Annual Meeting Survey

After a little time, ETATA has finally come up with a short survey about this upcoming annual meeting.  It is only 10 questions and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete.  We ask that you please take a few minutes out of your day to click on the link below and give us your opinion.  We are hoping to use the results from this survey to make this years annual meeting better and more of what you as members of ETATA request.

Thank you!

NATA in Houston, Tx

NATA 2017- Houston Texas Volunteer Sign-Up Information:
Volunteer at the 2017 NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo in Houston Texas on the NATA convention webpage:

Volunteers must be members of NATA and pre-register for the convention to be eligible for reimbursement.
To sign up, you will need 3 things: your NATA member number, your NATA member password and your badge number (found in your registration confirmation e-mail just below the barcode).
Volunteers who work 10 or more hours are reimbursed for a portion of their base registration fee according to the chart below. Registration fees for Advanced Tracks Seminars, Minicourses and other special events are not reimbursed. Refunds are credited back to the original payer via the method they were received.
Students are allowed to volunteer for all opportunities except Special Topics and Evidence-Based Forums. For Sessions and Minicourses, there must be at least one certified athletic trainer working each event.

Volunteer Hours % of Symposia Registration Fee Reimbursed
40 hours & over 100%
30 – 39 hours 75%
20 – 29 hours 50%
10 – 19 hours 25%
Less than 10 hours 0%

Please contact Cat Marr- Host City Representative and Volunteer Coordinator ( if you have any questions or issues.
Thank you and see you at NATA in Houston!
CAT Marr
Catherine “CAT” Marr M.Ed., ATC/ LAT
Head Athletic Trainer- Klein Collins High School

NATA Host City Representative- Houston 2017
NATA District 6 (SWATA)- Committee on Professional Ethics Member